Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Let You be a best singer with a Bath


Have you ever sing your favorite songs in the shower? For most people, the shower is the only time in the day. When the warm water gently slide over your skin, you will feel relaxed and comfortable, the mood will become happy, then often can not help but sing a few favorite songs. Especially in this hot dog days, or sweating after exercise, into the bathroom, grabbed the shower, if there is a shower around the Bluetooth Speakers, but also make your bathroom voice confidence doubled.

Our common Bluetooth Speakers can be achieved "zoom" music function, but most are not waterproof, is not suitable for use in the bathroom. And this sucker Bluetooth speakers, with it, you can also enjoy the music in the bath!

Sucker shower speaker is the biggest characteristic of a strong waterproof performance, not only can be used in the bathroom, or party, beach, rain, a good partner to travel.In addition, it can connect smart phones without wire, tablet PCs, MP3 and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, within 10 meters can be connected. Built-in microphone, in the bath can be answered directly by hands-free phone, no longer afraid to miss important appointments or leadership calls.

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