Waterproof bluetooth speakers great for outdoor and shower


Waterproof bluetooth speakers great for outdoor and shower

This wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker is great for outdoors and shower.The silicone cases and interface design ensure shockproof, dustproof ,level up to IPX4, can be used for shower or outdoor. Waterproof bluetooth speaker is equipped with detachable suction and aluminum alloy metal hook, it is convenient to hang and attach it to anywhere.

Sucker shower speaker is the biggest characteristic of a strong waterproof performance, not only can be used in the bathroom, or party, beach, rain, a good partner to travel.

In addition, it can wirelessly connect smart phones, tablet PCs, MP3 and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, within 10 meters can be connected. Built-in microphone, in the bath can be answered directly by hands-free phone, no longer afraid to miss important appointments or leadership calls.

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