Six habits of USB flash drive will affect the life of the usb flash drive


Six habits of USB flash drive will affect the life of the usb flash drive

No matter what tool it will has its life, .due to improper use Occasionally , resulting in USB flash  damage, the use will scrapped soon.Therefore, please do not despise the usual use of USB flash  manufacturers, we have to develop sophisticated use, so as to extend the life of your USB flash.

So the following six habits of USB flash drive will affect the life of the usb flash drive:

1,Pull out usb flash and be sure not to pull out indirectly,that can make USB flashcontrol chip life is shortened.It's better to delete hardware first and wait for indicator light to put out again.

2, Insert crystal USB flash and press Shift key can skip the active loader, it can also prevent the operation of the virus if long press Shift key.

3, Please don't plug USB flash in the computer for a long time.Its dangerous USB flashinserted in the computer for a long time.

4, It's better to save the document at one time.Since the number of crystal usb sticks is limited, typically around 100,000 times, we are storing them to avoid duplication of effort when writing documents.

5, Please do not download the tools and stored in the USB flashindirectly, because the USB flash reading rate is slow, if so the USB flash will be damaged, it is better to put in the computer and then copy to the USB flash.

6, The life of the crystal USB flashcan be expressed with erasable times, if you still use continually the erasable times more, its service life will become very short.

Ordinary USB flashis the use of the deadline is written 30000-10000 times.The number of erasable times of USB flash is the normal life.

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