Mini Bluetooth dancing light speaker


Mini Bluetooth dancing light speaker

Mini Bluetooth Speakersupport Bluetooth, SD card,led lamp function. Bluetooth maximum transmission distance of 10 meters.Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has excellent sound quality,stereo surround sound and subwoofer,via Bluetooth connection, you can easily communicate with friends on the phone; Built-in lithium battery for easy travel and party colourful dancing dancing use.Portable Bluetooth Speaker support for connecting desktop computers and notebook computers, support for connecting mobile phones.Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker can automatically decode MP3 and other popular music formats,Combo cable,convenient and a variety of multimedia connections.Bluetooth Portable Speaker is compact mini, easy to carry, you can put it in clothes or trousers bag.Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is also use as Night light, and play light music & story before sleeping.

mini poertable bluetooth speaker

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