How To Choose The Bluetooth Speaker


How To Choose The Bluetooth Speaker

Firstly, the speaker quality
For the most users,the Bluetooth Speaker HIFI speaker is not a large-sized speakers and power, but, the Bluetooth speaker with tablet and mobile phone use can  meet the daily needs of hearing enough. In this case, how to judge the sound quality bad? The way is just listen to yourself.You can test by the follows: First, the volume of the speaker loudness is absolutely shocking; secondly, at maximum volume treble will not break the sound phenomenon; listening to pop music and watching movies most commonly , if the sound without distortion, coloration is not excessive; and in the low part of the shocking intensity, reducing high. Like a 360 ° surging shock sound stereo Bluetooth Speaker is more suitable for the current consumers.

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Secondly, Bluetooth version
Compared to conventional audio equipment, Bluetooth Speaker wider audience because that it can be very quickly  connected with device. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth version is also one of the most important factors that affect the quality of the Bluetooth Speakers.  The higher the version of Bluetooth, speaker of life will be longer, and far more effective transmission distance, Bluetooth compatibility is also likely to be.

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Thirdly, life

Battery of speaker  and cell phones' life is also important .Usually the  battery life of Bluetooth is maintained at 8-10 hours which  is appropriate. Double unit Bluetooth Speaker, for example, their power is concentrated between 3W to 6W, if you want to achieve good playing time, 1000mAh battery capacity is best to achieve the above.

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