High capacity power banks make your travel carefree and happy!


High capacity power banks make your travel carefree and happy!

Are you constantly fretting about the lack of power on your mobile devices during your trip?With 10000mah high capacity Power Bank, you won't have to worry about it anymore.

The  mirror screen with LED display power bank with 10000mAh can  meet your charging requirements enough. Dual USB output ports let you charge your two devices at the same time.The high capacity  power bank compatible with almost all smart devices.What surprised people most was that this power bank has built-in led light which will be bright when you press the botton.So you can take it easy when in dark and know the capacity power at the current time with LED display.

The high capacity power bank is quite Small size make it easy to be carried with and slight so it’s portable in the pocket. It's perfect for travel, business trip, mobile Gamer, pokeman go with 2000+ recharge cycle.

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