Cautions of Power bank


Cautions of Power bank 

1. The use of ambient temperature

In the summer, as temperature rises year by year, when we go out, Power Bank exposes to sunlight, in addition, for car owners, it does not want to move the power supply in the car, or if spontaneous combustion occurs, the consequences would be disastrous.

2.. Do not overcharge

Most people have Power Bank charging while sleeping at night, the next morning and then pulled out. Some do not charge the mobile power protection in case of full power continues to charge, electrolyte decomposition and other materials will produce gas, so that the housing rupture, oxygen enters the reaction with lithium atom, causing an explosion. In this regard, we should try to avoid at night to avoid power or mobile phone charging.

3. Long-term mobile power when not charging should be periodically

When we move a long time without power for extended life, it should be retained at least 50% of electricity, while a regular monthly charge of 1 to 2 times the electrical power and put 1-2.

Power bank

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